Tooth Fairy gets Lost

Erin Rogers Pickering – Illustrator


I suppose I don’t do much superstitious stuff with them. I never really dwell on Father Christmas either, however, I felt compelled to move my foot away from the door and let the tooth fairy in. Mimi saved her tooth that had fallen out. She did a good job with it too. She wrapped into a very neat square made of tissue and placed it under her pillow. I told her that the Tooth Fairy will come for it and leave her some money. She didn’t ask me why. (unlike her) I guess she was just happy to receive money in exchange for teeth. (Why do children get money when their baby teeth fall out? Surely we are sending the wrong message! Any who)…. That night she went to bed on time and doubled checked that secondi hadn’t snatched the tooth. Who, coincidentally, has now decided that she was a wobbly front tooth too! Mimis’ tooth was safe, bring on the money. They both said good night and then they went off to sleep.


I went back to work that evening for Mimi’s Miracle. I was up very late doing a multitude of things. When I got tired in the early hours of the morning. I went to bed and slept. I had the sweetest sleep. You know the kind you get when you have jet lag and your are back in your own bed. That kinda – ‘I missed my bed sleep’.


The girls are like alarm clocks. The morning came and Mimi rolled in the room. Every morning she wakes up, she says ‘Good Morning mummy’ with a wonderfully happy tone and then runs off to play. Not this morning, there was no ‘good morning mummy’ no happy tone just a face of pure and utter disgrace! Disgrace at the fact that the neatly wrapped tooth was still in her possession. She looked at me and said. ‘The tooth fairy didn’t come’ with complete annoyance. I looked at her stunned! Still half asleep! I looked outside and saw that it was raining. Then the explanation… ‘Mimi, it was raining. You know how bees find it hard to fly in the rain? So do fairies. Their wings are so small! And it was night time so maybe she tried to come but got lost in the rain! She will come tomorrow I am sure! She put the pressed tissue paper back underneath her pillow and then ran off to play.


Phew – good thinking batman!!


The tooth fairy definitely came that night. She wouldn’t disappoint 2 days in a row. That would be just plain wrong.

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