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Liquid Sunshine

The green juice hype is real!! The reason green juice is so good for you is that it contains chlorophyll. This green pigment in plants absorbs the suns energy and changes it into the plants chemical energy. Chlorophyll has many benefits, the best one is that it cleanses the body and purifies the liver, it can also cleanse […]

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Just Been Stung!!!

  The weather is getting warmer and so we get to spend so much more time outside. The garden and other fauna love the new weather too. When I become an avid gardener I will potter around the garden clearing weeds, planting vegetables and smelling the herb garden I have strategically planted. I absolutely love […]

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VegfestUK Brighton 2014

Brighton Vegfest takes place once a year in Sunny Brighton. At Hove Town Hall. Held over 2 days. On Saturday 28 March and and Sunday 29 March 2014 the venue was and always is packed wall to wall with people supporting the Vegan or MeatFree cause along with those who are curious about becoming meat free. During my journey […]

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