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West Midlands Vegan Festival 28 & 29 October 2017

The Wolverhampton Vegan Festival takes place once a year. It continues to grow. The event now takes place over 2 days. Usually in October.   This year Midlands Vegan Campaigns will be celebrating 10 years of the West Midlands Vegan Festival. On Saturday 28 October and Sunday 29 October 2017 the Wolves Civic and Art […]

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Royalty Baby!

I have made about 3 skirts in the past. My first ever skirt was a straight skirt with a lining and a zipper. This was my first ever item made under the supervision of a teacher. I did it at night school many years ago. I had a fantastic time doing it and it showed me […]

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Anti Ageing and Essential Moisturing Face Oil

If you are keen to limit the signs of aging Mimi’s Miracle can assist. Over time the appearance of your skin can alter dramatically. The advent of wrinkles and fine lines can leave you looking much older than your actual age suggests. But you don’t have give in to the ageing process without a fight. […]

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