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Newcastle Upon Tyne Vegan Festival – 26 July 2014

Newcastle Upon Tyne will be having its very own vegan festival on Saturday 26 July. It will be the first of its kind in Newcastle and is a welcome gift to those follow the meat free lifestyle. £2 for Adults, £1 for Children and all children under 5 enter free of charge. The full address is […]

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Manchester Vegan Fair 17 May 2014

The Manchester Vegan Festival  took place on Saturday 17 May 2014. The doors opened at 11am. A very good start time in my opinion. This event was put together in aid of the Vegan Organic Network. They have a simple message which is explained on their website. The condensed version goes as follows:   ‘One […]

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VegfestUK Brighton 2014

Brighton Vegfest takes place once a year in Sunny Brighton. At Hove Town Hall. Held over 2 days. On Saturday 28 March and and Sunday 29 March 2014 the venue was and always is packed wall to wall with people supporting the Vegan or MeatFree cause along with those who are curious about becoming meat free. During my journey […]

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