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Rebel Kitchen

So I bought Rebel Kitchens’ 100%  Mylk. A childrens carton. 200ml. Enough for ME, really. Rebel Kitchen Mission…. to fight the battle against illness, obesity and nasty tasting snacks. The following is taken from their website. ‘MAKE NUTRITIOUS DELICIOUS! Who wants to eat food that tastes of cardboard? Even if people say it’s healthy, no one should compromise on taste. So […]

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North West Vegan Festival – Lancaster 7 June 2014

Saturday began with thunderstorms. There was almighty lightening, rain to take a cold shower in and thunder clapping to the sound of it all. Today was the day that I had planned to go to Lancaster Vegan Fair. I was going as a spectator. I got on the train. I am so glad that I […]

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