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Rebel Kitchen

So I bought Rebel Kitchens’ 100%  Mylk. A childrens carton. 200ml. Enough for ME, really. Rebel Kitchen Mission…. to fight the battle against illness, obesity and nasty tasting snacks. The following is taken from their website. ‘MAKE NUTRITIOUS DELICIOUS! Who wants to eat food that tastes of cardboard? Even if people say it’s healthy, no one should compromise on taste. So […]

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Bring on the Raw Food and Vegetable Spaghetti

Benriner is a Japanese Mandolin Slicer. I ordered mine via Amazon. I made the purchase in December 2013, however I did not receive the item until April 2014. Basically, you put your veg on the teeth, rotate the handle and push down at the same time to obtain perfectly sliced vegetables or fruit. I ordered the mandolin […]

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