Secondi’s Smushed Sugar!

Secondi is so thoughtful.

My children are educated via a variety of ways. Private tuition being one of them. The tutors give the girls treats for good work particularly when they do a task really, really well. 3 days ago Secondi told me that she wanted to bring me one of the 2 treats she is given by the tutor, however, the tutor disagreed and told her, for what every reason, that it is best not to take a treat home for mummy. Today, after returning home from tuition, playing on her bike for an hour and generally having a grand old time outdoors, she came inside to remove her ‘coat, shoes and socks, and wash her hands with soap for dinner’. I always gotta tell them to use soap. Water-washing childrens hands just doesn’t cut it for me. Anyway…. secondi comes in the kitchen after taking off her coat, shoes and one sock. She ushers me one of the socks and it looks like it has been puked upon. I immediately say ‘are you ok, what happened’? you could see the panic on my face, I mean, how could she have been sick and not come to me! She says ‘Mummy, I saved you a treat, here you go, have it, its yours’. I get on my knees and she pushes the nasty sock closer to my face. ‘Go on mummy, its yours, go on, eat it, its nice!’… ‘Its a Jelly Baby!’ Then she makes like she’s about to pick this orange gunge off the inside of the sock!

Me: Secondi? Did you save me a Jelly Baby inside your sock because you were told you couldn’t take one for mummy?’

Secondi: ‘Yes – Its nice – eat it!’ (nonchalantly)

So I scoop her up and give her a massive hug and a Ginormous kiss upon a gazillion kisses. My child is so thoughtful she would do what it takes, to do what she thinks is right for her mummy. I feel absorbed with love. Children do the most amazing things. Secondi Smuggles Jelly Babies!!

Said Sock Smushed Sugar


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