Royalty Baby!


I have made about 3 skirts in the past. My first ever skirt was a straight skirt with a lining and a zipper. This was my first ever item made under the supervision of a teacher. I did it at night school many years ago. I had a fantastic time doing it and it showed me that my passion for sewing had not diminished. The other 2 skirts I have sewn were jersey skirts. Jersey is a more forgiving fabric and an elastic waist makes for a great finish when unsure about inserting zips!

Fast forward around 7 years and I am on the sewing tip again! This will not leave me alone! I think I have a deep desire to fulfil my hearts request! Sewing!!

I bought some blue fabric, some green fabric, some white fabric and …… – lots of fabric and zips to match each. I cut a draft of the skirt, fit it, altered it and ripped it apart to use the now perfect pattern pieces. I placed the pieces out onto the blue fabric and cut. Note to self….When making a flared skirt you need 3 metres of 145cm fabric not 2.5m!! After jiggling the blue fabric around countless times I managed to cut out the rest of my 4 panel skirt. I serged / overlocked my pattern pieces and started sewing. The back seam with the zip was first, followed by the joining the front pieces. Then I put the waist band on the back and then the front. Then I stitched down the 2 side seams and finished with a good press with my pressing cloth.

I am very happy with the result. A flowing skirt which billows in the summer breeze.

Royalty Montage


So I made a Royal Blue skirt that looks good enough to be seen in out in public.

I will review the pattern pieces though. The skirt waist should be higher so that the back has as much flare as the front. This is my only desire.


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