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Today is a beautiful day. I went to bed at 2:45am and awoke feeling fresh and ready to go at 7:50. I should have felt really tired. Today I feel ready to do what I really want to do. Sew! I prepare myself well and head out the door. I’m going to see Emily at Birmingham Metropolitan College. When it was almost possible for me to complete a college course at BMC she gave a guiding hand through it all. When I left the course before getting to the nitty gritty I feel she may have been just as disappointed as myself having to face the fact.

Fashion Lab Collage

I want to see Emily so that I can gain real work experience in the Fashion and Textiles field. I want to work with Emily and her team at intervals during the week, particularly pattern cutting and construction, to get a good idea of what I really want and also to help out at the college.

From Where I Sit

Emily does not know I wish to see her today so I will sit and wait. The receptionist at the main campus tells me that all staff at the college have training this week so it may be best for me to send an email. I prefer to sit and wait. Emails can slip through the net and some emails go into the span folder. I would rather sit and wait. It may take all day and I may begin to feel hungry. I feel I am at a cross roads, a really good cross road where I will achieve everything I want if I can just do my best to get it.

So 40 minutes in and I spot staff entering the Fashion Lab at the Birmingham Metropolitan College Campus. JP takes some of her precious time to speak with me. Turns out she is the Director of the Department. Also turns out that Emily no longer works at the college. She has moved onto even greater things. JP assures me that although I am able to volunteer my time and gain valuable work experience she isn’t sure how placing me with someone in her team would help me through my journey. She also assures me that there really is more than one way to skin a cat and definitely not to lose hope. She has been in my position and she knows of what I speak. We have a good discussion. She passes me a brochure and I walk away feeling fantastic. Grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Today I made a difference to my life. Today is a great day.

Once you realise your passions, the universe does even more for you.


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