Rebel Kitchen

FrontSo I bought Rebel Kitchens’ 100%  Mylk. A childrens carton. 200ml. Enough for ME, really.

Rebel Kitchen

Rebel Kitchen Mission…. to fight the battle against illness, obesity and nasty tasting snacks. The following is taken from their website.

Who wants to eat food that tastes of cardboard? Even if people say it’s healthy, no one should compromise on taste. So stop smoking your grandmamma’s socks and start choosing food that tastes good AND is healthy.’

Refined sugar is being peddled in snacks and drinks on every street corner. Let’s stomp out this wicked adversary and get it off our streets for good!’

Our mamas brought us up to eat right – and we never disrespect our mamas. That’s why we’re on a mission to ensure everything we’re stuffing in to our mouths is fresh & good for us! Unprocessed, unrefined and unbelievably tasty! UN-derstand?’

Whole, unprocessed foods are where it’s at. They make you feel good, look good and do good. Whoever tells you otherwise is a punk! Get high on that!’

Read more about it on their website.

Rebel Kitchen

They really do taste good. You can really taste the real coconut and the real banana and the real cocoa. If you are currently a milk drinker I am pretty sure you will notice the absent mucus like taste, lol. If however, you are already drink plant milk, your taste buds are ready for the fluidity and goodness revered from the coconut milk in this drink.

Vegan Milk

Rebel Kitchens mylk is perfect if you have nut and dairy allergies or an intolerance or just want REAL Mylk. Great if you are diabetic or trying to control your sugar levels.


Its available to buy on their website. and via stockist. A 12 pack case is a only a tenner. That’s about 80p a piece! A small price to pay for a convenient, healthy children’s treat or adults drink! Great for the children’s holidays and weekends. Delivery is currently free when you spend a score (£20 darling!!) 2 cases would last my family at least 3 months during term time even with all the activities we do.

Please forward this post, spread the ‘DairyFree’ – ness.

Comment below – What plant milk have you tried?


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