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Mimi’s Miracle 100% organic skincare –

Honest, Caring, Repairing For Marvellous Skin the Natural Way

Mimi’s Miracle provide ethical, natural skincare products derived from nature, suitable for Babies and Adults. Mimi’s Miracle products are particularly beneficial for Allergy, Eczema, and Psoriasis Sufferers. We are 100% Vegan and Nut Free.

Mimi and her family suffered with different skin complaints, eczema, allergies, and psoriasis. After a branded, well know skin ointment, recommended by a chemist, left Mimi with what can only described as burns on her face at the precious age of 12 weeks old, it became apparent that not all sensitive branded skincare was suitable for sensitive skin and some products could, in fact, exasperate the problem. After seeing her own child suffer the effects of allergies and eczema at a level far greater than her own, Onika began to create topical ointments and soaps from nature that worked in harmony with Mimi’s newborn baby skin rather than against it. As a result, Mimi’s skin began to flourish, the whole families’ skin ailments began to improve, family and friends were asking for more and thus Mimi’s Miracle was born.

Mimi’s Miracle formulations are made from 100% fully biodegradable natural ingredients being kind to delicate baby skin and adult skin. Mimi’s Miracle blend only natural ingredients that assist skin rejuvenation and help improve skin conditions.

Mimi’s Miracle products do not contain any nasty chemical ingredients that are widely known to be irritating, harsh, unnatural, synthetic, petrochemical or have the ability to strip the skin of all natural oils.

Mimi’s Miracle products are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal or insect derived ingredients and so are suitable for those who follow a Vegan or Vegetarian diet. Many of Onika’s friends and family members follow strict Vegan and Vegetarian diets and so she knows exactly what it means to be Vegan, ‘no honey here’!

Mimi’s Miracle products do not contain any nut derived ingredients. Onika states ‘I know first-hand what the mere whiff of a nut can do to someone with a nut allergy’!

Mimi’s Miracle is designed for everyday use and is suitable for the whole family.

Mimi’s Miracle 100% organic skincare – Honest, Caring, Repairing For Marvellous Skin the Natural Way