Oil Cleanse

Do you want fabulous looking skin? Try Mimi’s Miracle Moisturising Face Oil

Do you dream of having clear, spot-free skin? Many people routinely apply harsh chemicals in the hope that they’ll see dewy, beautiful skin in return. However, your skin is delicate and can easily become inflamed or damaged by using such an approach. Stripping the natural oils from your skin is a sure-fire way of stimulating skin to produce more oil which only starts the cycle once again. Worse still, the chemicals found in many of today’s beauty products can cause allergic reactions or irritation.

So what can you do? No one wants unbalanced, irritated skin that leaves them feeling self-conscious. A popular method for cleansing and moisturising your skin is to use the face cleansing oil method. Sound counter intuitive? Don’t panic. If you add oil to your face, you’re not going to end up with dozens of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, spots and blemishes. In fact these ailments are usually due to hormonal imbalances, bacteria or dirt. In chemical terms ‘like dissolves like’ so by using the correct oils you can remove ‘dirty’ oils from your face and replace them with cleansing oils. Mimi’s Miracle Moisturising Face Oil is a natural range of face oils which can be used to deeply penetrate the skin resulting in a softer and more glowing complexion.

How can I use Mimi’s Miracle Moisturising Face Oil for Deep Facial Cleansing?

Mimi’s Miracle Moisturising Face Oil deeply conditions and cleans the skin.

Begin by apply a very fine layer of Mimi’s Miracle Moisturising Face Oil to your face with clean fingers and massage in for a minute or two using a circular motion. Fill the sink with hot water, place a towel over your head and lean over the water to steam your face and open the pores. Do this for a few minutes then remove Mimi’s Miracle Moisturising Face Oil with a warm damp muslin cloth for a perfectly clean, moisturised, fresh looking face.

So if you want to change your skincare regime in the hopes of acquiring clear, blemish free skin, look no further than Mimi’s Miracle Moisturising Face Oil. All of our products are made from ethically sourced, natural ingredients which are free from nuts or animal material. At Mimi’s Miracle our formulations are 100% organic and natural leaving your skin feeling naturally soft, moisturised, and glowing.

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