Newcastle Upon Tyne Vegan Festival – 26 July 2014

Skincare, Cheese and Chocolate

Newcastle Upon Tyne will be having its very own vegan festival on Saturday 26 July. It will be the first of its kind in Newcastle and is a welcome gift to those follow the meat free lifestyle. £2 for Adults, £1 for Children and all children under 5 enter free of charge. The full address is The CastleGate, Melbourne Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE1 2JQ. SatNav reference is NE1 2LA. All tickets are available to purchase via Paypal on their website.

Ticket proceeds for the event go to the Tiny Lives Trust and Tower Hill Stables Animal Sancutary.

If you are thinking about becoming meat free this is definitely a good place to start. There will be a range of goods offering all things including the cakes and chocolate you can still eat as a vegan. Tasty meat free food which really tastes great. Vegan loving make up. Pet food and Cheese of different kinds and Artisan Handmade Skincare packed with lots of good stuff for glowing illuminous skin.

Anti Ageing Moisturising Face Oil

Mimi’s Miracle will be donating products toward the gift bags for the event. If you are one of those who receive one of our complimentary products at the show, let us know. It would be great to hear from you.

When you arrive, you can expect to find the following stalls in attendance along with many others.

Tropical Wholefoods


Vegan Kitchen


Environment Films

Unite To Care

Koko Dairy Free


Happy Cow

Fry’s Family

Homemade by Erica Jayne

Ethical Wares


All About Vegan Food

Little Phoenix Events

The VeganKind

Blueberry Swirl


Safari Event Catering

Alternative Stores

Somethin’s Brewin’

The Hunt Saboteurs Association

Vegan Tuckbox

Guilt Free Ethical Shopping


Vegan Runners

Agharta Jewellery

Dr Hadwen Trust

Northern Animal Welfare Cooperative

Gillie Food

North East Organic Growers

Essy and Bella

The Black Fish


Health and Wellbeing Angels

Pitfield Brewery


There will also be relevant film showings throughout the day.

Food Matters is showing at 2pm. Highly recommended. Top of my list.

The Beautiful Truth at 4pm. Natures kitchen.

Making the Connection at 5pm. The wonders of a plant based lifestyle.


Neil Robinson will be speaking at 11am. Professional footballer with a plant based lifestyle.

Ruth Hawe speaks at 12:30pm. Reflexologist and Sound Healer.

Fiona Oakes speaks at 3pm. A phenomenal UK Athlete who became what she wanted over what Doctors told her.


If you are a business with Vegan friendly products that you would like to showcase at the event, prices start from £80.

It makes a great day out for ‘me time’ and for ‘family time’. There will be lots to do and new things to see. Check out their website for more detailed information.


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