Moseley Mini Vegan Fair – Saturday 5 July 2014

Moseley Mini Vegan Fair

Saturday seemed as though it would rain all day. It didn’t. It was a good day for the Mini Vegan Fair hosted by Kevin and Frank. It was held in a modest room at the St Columba URC, Moseley, Birmingham. We started at 10:30am. The Mini Vegan Fair rode the back of the Moseley Festival Street Fair, an event held each year.

There were 4 stalls in attendance including myself. Lakeside Ethical Treats was also one. Although the event was intimate it proved very successful. The Anti Ageing Moisturising Face Oil is still a Best Seller for me. It works great as a cleanser and as a moisturiser. This is what makes it so practical to use.

Anti Ageing Moisturising Face Oil

I met many different people at the event. The Yogi Vegetarians being one. They started their journey as vegetarians, they are now fully vegan. They spoke about the challenges they face with feeding teenagers vegetables. Very funny guys and beautiful people. They have a very informative website. Keep an eye on it for updates.

The highlight of my day was meeting a Nurse. She asked me why I chose to serve Nescafe Coffee. I told her that it wasn’t really a conscious decision. Someone asked for coffee so I bought coffee thinking it had to be a brand. I don’t drink coffee you see, so I have no clue what people look for in coffee. Ask me about herbal tea and we can talk….. Anyway she highlighted a truth that I thought was superficial when I heard about it last year. It is so far removed from superficial its on the other side!! Nescafe owned by Nestle make profits in anyway they can. FULL STOP. Literally killing people in the process…. So you know how baby milk was heavily advised years ago in the UK, well they are advising this practice is places like Africa and other emerging Nations on a much grander scale, they spend much more on advertsing and selling the dream. These emerging nations are buying into the western lifestyle, (which is killing us btw…), the women are advised to buy baby formula milk for nutrition, rather than feeding their babies the mothers ‘free’ breast milk. Problems is, the western lifestyle is expensive and so these mothers are reducing the recommended serving size to get more servings out of the tin. By the time the mother recognizes the malnutrition caused, her breast milk has dried up and she cant save her baby from death by malnutrition. Nestle don’t care, their pockets are fatter and the doctors and nurses of the country are screaming with no voice.

I will do a purpose driven post on this topic and the IBFAN very soon. For now, I would say look at the ‘IBFAN’, International Baby Food Action Network website for more information and think about weather you really want to aid the commercially detrimental corporation that is Nescafe, and their affiliates. IBFAN have a good list on their website too. From here on in, I chose not to.

I really do enjoy these events, and meeting new people. Above all it reminds me why I started my journey with Mimi’s Miracle and it gives me steam.

Please forward this post, spread the Meatfree – ness.

Comment below – We all have a choice, what choice will you make, that makes you a better version of yourself?


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  1. sarojinididi Reply

    Thanks for the shoutout. So glad you enjoyed the mini fair; we will also be posting about it on our blog – will let you know. I am overjoyed with the lovely shea butter 🙂 . Will look up IBFAN- shocking what Nestle are doing. Breast is always best!

    • Mimis Miracle Reply

      I am glad you are very happy with the Shea Butter, My Shea Butter the real deal. Unrefined and full of goodness. Thanks hun. Xx

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