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The green juice hype is real!!

The reason green juice is so good for you is that it contains chlorophyll. This green pigment in plants absorbs the suns energy and changes it into the plants chemical energy. Chlorophyll has many benefits, the best one is that it cleanses the body and purifies the liver, it can also cleanse yeast infections. Chlorophyll is almost identical to haemoglobin, the stuff in your blood that transports oxygen around the body. So if you are feeling unwell or you feel run down, or feeling fantastic, green juice can help to enrich your blood and boost your system.

Green Juice Montage

I wash all of the fruits and vegetables with dish soap, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. Ever since my cousin sent me a detailed description of why you should ‘wash your food like you wash your hands’ I now see the importance of eating clean food. Especially if you intend to use the skin. You need something hardcore to cut through the plastic and petroleum they spray on the fruit and vegetables we eat. Cold water just wont cut it! Wash it the best you can, and rinse it even better.

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Todays green juice.

Bascially I put all things green in my green juice. This one has:

1 Apple

1 Kiwi

Broccoli Stork

1/4 Cucumber

Handful Spinach

1/4 Lime

I use a sieve / strainer because I am not a fan of bits!! Eewww. I strain bits from all things with bits!

I used to peel the lime. Not any more. I cut what I need and put it straight into the juicer. I figure the juicer can handle it. I also used to juice more so for taste. Now I juice for the hard hitting impact of the straight vitamins and minerals I get from drinking straight juice, no fibre. My taste buds have adjusted somewhat.

If you are not a fan of eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, get your self a juicer. Its a sure fire way to ensure you are getting some good stuff into your system. Your body will thank you for it, even if you have got some work to do on your ‘real’ food intake.

Use whatever you can find in your fridge and fruit basket, juice it, happy days!


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