FYI Carcinogen

How safe is your skincare regime?

Have you ever wondered how the skincare products you routinely use on your skin can affect the state of your health? Many people apply multiple cosmetics to their skin on a daily basis and it can be difficult to identify a lot of the ingredients contained. Countless skincare products contain chemical substances with long and unpronounceable names and it can be virtually impossible to spot items which may prove hazardous to health. Whilst the products that we use may only contain small amounts of potentially dangerous ingredients, it’s the long term and continued exposure that’s thought to be perilous.

There are numerous conflicting articles and reports of skincare products being associated with diseases such as cancer so it’s no wonder that confusion exists. A carcinogen is a chemical which is directly implicated in causing cancer and various international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) identify compounds which fall into this category. Nowadays it is widely accepted that there are hundreds of carcinogens which are present in everyday items, perhaps most notably in cigarettes, alcohol or the UV radiation from sun beds.

It can take many years for studies to identify and confirm the damage that a chemical has with regards to its cancer causing ability. A large number of synthetic chemicals are still widely used in skincare products and these may include known or potential carcinogens such as Formaldehyde, Parabens, Phthalates, Hydroquinone and Lead Acetate. These chemicals are included in skincare products for a variety of reasons including aiding preservation or as a by product of the formulation process. Whilst there is no proven link between the cosmetics that we use and cancer, it’s vital to support continued cancer research so that we can better identify the long term effects of our skincare regime on our health.

Radiation treatment, chemotherapy and skin care

Chemotherapy and radiation treatment for cancer often causes changes to the way skin feels and looks. During cancer treatment skin may become dry, cracked or flaky and as a result it’s important to pay attention to how skin is treated. Keeping an eye on the condition of skin throughout treatment will help prevent and manage dryness or irritation. It’s important for patients to keep hydrated, avoid harsh weather environments and use natural perfume-free, allergen-free skin care products.

Charitable organisations such as Macmillan Cancer Support aim to improve the lives of people affected by cancer. This includes providing help and support to cancer sufferers and their families whilst campaigning for improved cancer care. They offer the skills and expertise of trained nursing professionals to guide those diagnosed with cancer through treatment and help with daily care. Visit the Macmillan Cancer Support website for information regarding fundraising and the types of services they provide.

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