Eczema: the agony and the anguish

Mimi’s Miracle know that if you suffer from Eczema you’ll appreciate firsthand the pain and embarrassment that generally accompany this ailment. Eczema is a skin condition or form of dermatitis which affects millions of people throughout the UK. The term eczema is used to describe a range of unrelenting and potentially devastating skin conditions whose symptoms commonly include the following:

• Rashes
• Itchy Skin
• Redness
• Dry Skin
• Crusting
• Blistering
• Bleeding

Mimi’s Miracle Pure Avocado Butter is mild, nourishing and rehydrating to the skin, relieving eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis conditions. Mimi’s Miracle Nourishing Body Whip is a regenerating formulation that softens the skin and keeps it nourished and supple. Mimi’s Miracle can help to ease the symptoms of eczema.

What is Eczema?
Whilst there are a variety of different indicators of the condition, eczema can be categorised by the most common types which are classified as follows:

• Atopic Eczema – this type most commonly affects children, but can be found in adults too. It is inflamed skin and occurs in approximately 20% of children. Atopic Eczema is the most common form of the disease and appears to be on the increase.

• Contact dermatitis – occurs as the result of an allergic reaction or irritation from a specific substance such as laundry detergent or baby nappies. Symptoms tend to be localised and whilst they may be severe, avoidance of the irritant or allergen responsible is the best form of defence.

• Xerotic eczema – wintry conditions may cause skin to become so dry and cracked that eczema develops. This is particularly prevalent in older people during the colder months.

• Seborrheic dermatitis – this form of eczema essentially looks a lot like dandruff and is seen as ‘cradle cap’ in infants.

Although there are no blood tests available to diagnose Eczema, allergy testing may be employed by a qualified professional. The causes of Eczema aren’t particularly well defined and are mostly attributed to an immune response to genetic or environmental factors such as a chemically laden environment.

How do you treat Eczema?

As you might imagine for a condition which affects so many people, there is a large range of medication available for treatment. These are generally topically applied creams which include corticosteroids, immunosuppressants and moisturisers. Many of these products are loaded with chemicals which will not cure the eczema but soothe the itch for a time and as such starting a cycle of apply, apply and apply some more. How about trying to avoid these modern treatments and using a 100% organic solution which in time will work to relieve and even cure eczema. This might include avoiding dietary allergens or environmental factors such as harsh soaps or beauty products. The National Eczema Society provide help and guidance for those suffering with eczema.

Mimi’s Miracle: a natural remedy for Eczema

Mimi’s Miracle is a skincare range which sprang from a mother’s observation of her child’s allergies and skin conditions. Whilst the GPs were sympathetic, the baby eczema treatment that was prescribed essentially antagonized the condition and caused the child’s skin to burn or worsen even more. Thus Mimi’s Miracle was born. Mimi’s Miracle supplies fully natural products which don’t contain nuts, animal-derived ingredients or harsh synthetic chemicals. As a consequence, they work in harmony with delicate or damaged skin leaving it gently moisturized and glowing. These products are 100% natural and biodegradable, ensuring that they’re beneficial for everyone including those with allergies, Eczema and Psoriasis. Mimi’s Miracle: Honest, Caring, Repairing.

Mimi’s Miracle 100% organic skincare – Honest, Caring, Repairing For Marvellous Skin the Natural Way