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I love chocolate in its unadulterated form. ‘Raw’.

Chocolate has may names in Jamaica its simply known as chocolate. In many other countries it can be referred to as cocoa, chocolate or cacao. Chocolate is the fermented seed of the chocolate pod. It grows in many tropical countries across the globe and thrives in places such as Africa South America and the Caribbean. The pods are harvested between 3 and 6 months of the year depending upon where it is grown. There are arguments for raw chocolate and against. I am all for raw chocolate but then, I don’t have an OCD personality. I am very aware that you can eat what you like in moderation. Too many biscuits = feel ill. Too much cocoa = feel ill. These simple words carry a ton of truth.

I eat chocolate because I like the taste of it. I love the pureness and the real chocolate taste it brings and the hint of cocoa butter. I eat it as a snack on its own. I particularly like it sprinkled over fruits or as ‘Real Hot Chocolate’.

My cousins bought me some chocolate from Jamaica. You guys know who you are. Thank you Fam. x

This is what chocolate seed / beans looks like when it has been dried.

Photo 10-08-2014 09 13 01


This is what it looks like when you grind the beans into a fine powder.

Photo 10-08-2014 09 14 25


This is what it looks like when you keep grinding. The more you grind the more you release the natural cocoa butter oils and it then become malleable. Once you have created the mould  it can be stored. This is the stuff you can grate into a sauce pan to make hot chocolate.

Photo 10-08-2014 09 17 44

Photo 10-08-2014 09 17 24



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