Beet Juice, Beet Juice, Beet Juice

Beetroot Juice

I bought some beetroot to juice. Its not something I have juiced so far.

Beetroot is high in nitrates. Nitrates help to open the blood vessels, control blood pressure and increase blood flow. An increased blood flow therefore increases the oxygen levels in the body. Try beetroot juice next time you have a headache. Headaches can be caused by reduced levels of oxygen being taken to the brain. If you increase the oxygen to the brain, there is a good chance you can obliterate your headache.

Beetroots are also great for detoxing the liver. The liver is what cleanses your blood. Clean up your liver and your blood becomes cleansed.

Beetroot can have an acquired taste. If like me you are not quite ready to take it straight, try the recipe below

Beetroot Juice Vibrant Colour

4 Beetroots

4 Green Apples

1/2 Lime

Wash everything and Juice everything.


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Comment below – What else can I juice with beets?

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