Arrival – Greenacres Caravan Park, North Wales, Gronant Near Prestatyn

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North Wales is a fantastic place for a holiday. It is very well connected with motorway routes. I chose Gronant for the location. The journey is fair and I assumed the holiday makers would be fairly scarce due to its proximity. I like peaceful holidays. Holidays where I can take in the atmosphere. Greenacres ticked all the boxes. The Greenacres Caravan Park website has some helpful information. The Address is Greenacres Caravan Park, Shore Road, Gronant, Flintshire, LL19 9SS.

Greenacres cost me £440 for a weeks stay in a 3 bedroom caravan and they only a require a nifty to secure the booking. (£50). It had 2 children’s outdoors play areas. A medium size one and a large one. A heated indoor swimming pool with children’s paddling pool. A restaurant with children’s entertainment and a Launderette. The entire site is secure via security barrier and 24hr surveillance and an onsite caretaker.

Arriving was a very simple task. The reception area was very functional and the staff are very helpful. The office is open daily, even on a Sunday, they close for an hour during the day to get their lunch in. We all have to take time out to eat so this is a very small factor to bear in mind. Its only an hour. I was handed the keys for the caravan and I was very pleased when I opened the door.


It was a 3 bedroom caravan. 1 Double and 2 Twin. All were ready made with clean sheets. Each room had a wardrobe, plenty of storage, and shelving.

Twin Bedroom 2 Twin Bedroom 1 Double Room

The main bathroom had a good size shower. A shower you could turn around in, and a separate WC. This was handy. Again, each had enough storage for toiletries.


The kitchen was like any other kitchen. It had a gas fired oven, a under counter fridge with a small freezer space, microwave, crockery, cookware, utensils, glasses and mugs.


The living area had a table for dining with moveable chairs and a large seating area for resting, reading or watching TV. The area is large enough for a family with 4 small children.

Photo 21-07-2014 22 20 23 Photo 21-07-2014 22 21 48[1]

I was very happy with my accommodation and I would recommend Greenacres to my mum, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend and the world.

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